looking for indesign developer

wyona is looking to work with a indesign developer for an interesting project where the goal is to import xml data into indesign. let me know if you are interested, and please forward as appropriate. Start of the project is ASAP.
Requirements for InDesign developer
* Task
Import xml files into a given layout in InDesign. Part of the task is to define an xml suitable for import into InDesign.
* Requirements
This is a job for a programmer who knows InDesign very well and has a good working knowledge of xml technologies. There is no graphical design involved.
Design Is given
XML Input will be created by 3rdparty. The exact content and form of the xml is to be decided.

translations and repositories

apache lenya now supports i18n, and conversely, we are accepting translations for the user interface. i am wondering if these should eventually go into their own repository? if the xaraya project is any indication, translations can quickly outgrow the code (in numbers of files.) openlogging reports that the xaraya translations repository is now the second largest bitkeeper repository, larger than the linux kernel. scary. :)

do you wifi?

steve gillmor on wifi access at conferences

It’s time to fight fire with fire. Ask conference management for details on what resources are available for WiFi, power access, and cell service. Is the Net service separate from room access? Does the connection pass IM and peer-to-peer traffic? Do VPNs work? And if you don’t get a good answer, let the Blogosphere know. That is, if you can get connected.

as we start the planning process for another oscom, i’ll keep this in mind…

caught with the pants down

your magnolia server does not send any information about your content, not even a link. it simply calls our website saying that someone had logged in OR magnolia has been started. well, we did this because we wanted to know how many people are using magnolia (90% users never post anything on the list) It helped us to know how much effort to put in future development.

hear, hear. another faux-pas (the first one being to claim JCR compliance) from the boys at obinary.

lenya instrumentation

i’m always learning about new cool tools that ship with cocoon. today, i had a look at the instrumentation support. it allows you to analyze runtime behavior of lenya to spot troublesome areas. you can check memory usage, objects in cache, and many more.

new oss biz model: article writing

i got suckered into writing two articles about open source for infoweek. and just today, handelszeitung called about an article as well. it seems articles about open source are all the rage now.. maybe we should add it to our services? :)
also, they had a concert downstairs this afternoon. it was so loud that my ears were ringing all afternoon, and the windows were about to burst any moment. what is wrong with people? is monday afternoon the new saturday night for the unemployed?